Purdue ANS participates in Lugar Collegiate Energy Summit

On September 17, the Purdue University American Nuclear Society Student Section (Purdue ANS) participated in the 2nd Annual Lugar Collegiate Energy Summit at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Fifteen Purdue ANS members were among the 200 participants at this informative summit focused on the energy challenges facing the nation and energy security. Students attended workshops to learn how to run successful community programs about energy issues. Sen. Richard Lugar (R.,Ind.) gave a speech on energy options, and Purdue ANS members challenged him with questions about nuclear energy options.

Purdue ANS Exhibit at the Lugar Collegiate Energy Summit

Purdue ANS hosted an exhibit at the summit where members talked to other students and teachers about the benefits of nuclear power. According to participants, the summit was a productive outreach opportunity. The ANS members’ enthusiasm and representation kept nuclear energy on the discussion agenda.

“Attending this event gave us great ideas about how to reach out to our community and campus about energy issues,” said Patrick Wright, Purdue ANS Outreach chair. “Our presence at the Lugar Collegiate Energy Summit also made an important statement about our commitment to clean energy and nuclear power. Without the Purdue ANS presence, nuclear energy would have been barely–or not at all–mentioned during the summit. Our strong participation at this event had a positive impact on Senatar Lugar and his staff, along with all of the students, teachers, and others from the community who attended.”

ANS headquarters has traveling exhibits on various nuclear topics available to ANS local sections and student sections. For more information, please visit the ANS Web site or email ANS Outreach.

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