Two new ANS position statements promote nuclear sustainability

At the American Nuclear Society’s 2010 Winter Conference & Technology Expo, its Board of Directors revised and approved two position statements that are now available online (click here):

A Declaration on Sustainable Development (Position Statement 37) emphasizes the Society’s commitment to the promotion of research and development, the publication of relevant technical information, and the conduct of meetings that emphasize the role of nuclear technology in sustainable development.

External Costs of Energy Technologies (Position Statement 63) observes that while some energy technologies may appear to have smaller environmental impacts than others, their external costs may be significant when the complete life cycle costs are taken into account. Practically all the costs to make nuclear power technology safe and secure, including the costs of waste management and disposal, are already incorporated into the cost of electricity generation. Appropriately accounting for external costs should be an essential element in energy policy so that the final product is compared consistently for all technologies, and the resulting mix of energy sources will more appropriately balance the competing economic, environmental, and social needs from energy production and consumption.

The American Nuclear Society provides statements that reflect the Society’s perspectives on issues of public interest that involve various aspects of nuclear science and technology. Position statements are prepared by key members whose relevant experience or publications inform the documents, and then the documents are reviewed by ANS committees and divisions. The final position statements are approved by the Board of Directors.

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