December 2010 Nuclear News is online

The December issue of Nuclear News is now available electronically to ANS members. The issue contains a special section on nuclear fuel, featuring the following articles:

  • Kurt Edsinger: EPRI and the zero fuel failures program, interview by Rick Michal
  • A digital mapping system for fuel assemblies developed and deployed at Exelon’s Byron station, by Keith Moser
  • Physical work on the ACP is on hold, but technical, financial progress has been made, by Rick Michal

In addition, the December issue contains a review by Radwaste Solutions‘ editor Nancy Zacha on Gail Marcus’s new book, Nuclear Firsts: Milestones on the Road to Nuclear Power Development, which is available to purchase at the ANS bookstore. A perfect holiday gift!

Other items of note in the December issue include stories on the Savannah River Site’s exploration into the potential of PRISM and HPM small modular reactors; EDF’s purchase of Constellation Energy’s share of UniStar Nuclear; Dominion’s slow down on work on North Anna-3; the NRC’s proposed revisions to regulations for the protection of spent nuclear fuel during transit; the NNSA’s completion of the largest campaign to return HEU fuel to country of origin; former NRC chairman Dale Klein’s comments on current chairman Jaczko’s decision to terminate review of the Yucca Mountain license application; Russia and Japan sign agreements to supply reactors to Vietnam; Calandria tubes to be replaced again at Canada’s Point Lepreau; China’s Guangdong buys uranium from Areva; ITER’s budget cut is proposed for 2011; six radioisotopes in the “superheavy” element range are detected for first time; and more.

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