Nuclear science on Capitol Hill on Thursday

Leading figures from Congress, the commercial nuclear industry, and academia will convene on January 27 on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.,  to detail the contributions of nuclear technology and the possibilities associated with education in nuclear science. Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee Chairman Jeff Bingaman (D., N.M.) will be the featured speaker at a discussion of the contributions, innovations, and opportunities that can be found by exploring nuclear science.

The event is one of many planned across the United States as part of National Nuclear Science Week, which began on January 24. Sponsored by the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History, in Albuquerque, N.M., National Nuclear Science Week recognizes the contributions of the nuclear technology and science sector and the people who work in it every day. Each day of the week will promote a different aspect of nuclear science:

  • Monday: Get to know nuclear technology
  • Tuesday: Careers in the nuclear fields
  • Wednesday: Nuclear energy
  • Thursday: Nuclear safety
  • Friday: Nuclear medicine

The Capitol Hill event will start at 10:30 a.m. on January 27 in the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee Room (366 Dirksen). The scheduled speakers are:

  • Sen. Jeff Bingaman, chairman, Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee
  • Marvin Fertel, president and chief executive officer, Nuclear Energy Institute (Topics: Industry performance in 2010; policy priorities in 2011; highlights of utility-sponsored activity during Nuclear Science Week)
  • Audeen Fentiman, associate dean of Engineering, Purdue University (Topics: Trends in nuclear engineering enrollment; promise of jobs and work force initiatives; need for federal research and grant support)
  • Giuseppe Esposito, associate professor of Radiology, and chief, Nuclear Medicine, Georgetown University (Topics: Current innovative treatments; radioisotope availability)
  • Jim Walther, director, National Museum of Nuclear Science & History, panel moderator

For more information, contact the Nuclear Energy Institute’s John Keeley by e-mail or call him at 202/739-8020.

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