Next generation nuclear energy report now available via iTunes


Dan Rather Reports will be airing a segment on next generation nuclear energy on Tuesday evening, March 1. Dan Rather Reports appears on HDNet (please check with your local television provider for viewing information).

From the Dan Rather Reports website:

Premiere: Mar 1st 8:00 PM [ET] Dan Rather Reports – Power Play A new generation of nuclear power generators is on the horizon.

UPDATE:  This episode is now available via iTunes—search Dan Rather Reports.

A trailer for tonight’s broadcast:

According to the Dan Rather Reports website, this program is scheduled to air again on Saturday, March 5, 12:00 pm (ET).

The segment will feature Eric Loewen, ANS president-elect, talking about the benefits of nuclear power. Footage may also be included of Loewen giving a presentation to a group of City College of New York nuclear engineering faculty and students about reactor physics, in conjunction with his role at ANS  (see the ANS Nuclear Cafe for further information). Loewen’s participation in Dan Rather Reports, however, was solely as representing his and his employer’s interests.

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