November 2010 Nuclear News online

The November issue of Nuclear News will soon be available electronically to ANS members. The issue contains a special section on nuclear nonproliferation, featuring the following articles:

  • Current efforts toward a sustainable nonproliferation policy, by Melvin R. Buckner and Benjamin J. Cross
  • Proliferation pathways and barriers, by William E. Burchill and Melvin R. Buckner
  • Status of nonproliferation agreements, by Paul Nelson
  • Reducing proliferation risks through nuclear energy assistance to developing countries, by David R. Boyle, Amir H. Mohagheghi, and  Kate M. Putman
  • Nonproliferation initiatives and plutonium disposition in Russia and the United States, by Steven P. Nesbit
  • Safeguarding and protecting the nuclear fuel cycle, by Trond Bjornard, Humberto Garcia, William Desmond, and Scott DeMuth
  • How proliferation resistant is resistant enough? by Shaheen A. Dewji, Michaela E. Eddy, and Robert A. Bari

To access the issue, go to (subscriber log-in required for access to full issue).

Also, keep an eye out for a free copy of the November issue of Nuclear News at the 2010 ANS Winter Meeting and Nuclear Technology Expo, November 7-11, at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas, Nev.

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